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CV International: The Real Difference Between Patrick Wolf And Gürtel’s Crew

Everybody knows we love Patrick Wolf because he represents all CV wants to be: blond, homosexual, musician and thin. So everybody can figure out why we don’t like Gürtel’s crew: they are mostly fat people, they don’t know anything about good taste and they  are not blondies.  Vicious Communication likes looking  at underneath of every single issue we talk about and, in our comparative research about Patrick Wolf and Gürtel’s crew, we have discovered the real difference between them: Patrick Wolf has legal finances.

Early today the team has recieved and emal from Patrick Wolf:

Dear TWIN members,

We have now completed the first set of accounts for The Bachelor which shows a return to Bandstocksholders for sales made to the end of December 2009 of £0.83 per Bandstock.  As a TWIN member, you are entitled to your proportionate share of the proceeds received by TWIN (which actually owns the Bandstocks) so we will be returning an amount equal to £0.83 (less Paypal charges) for every £10 spent by TWIN members.

Since it is TWIN, rather than its members, that actually owns the Bandstocks, these amounts will not show on your Bandstocks account, but will instead be sent to you by Paypal.  This is a manual exercise so please bear with us for a few days.

More income from the album is in the pipeline and we expect to be making further distributions over the next four years.  Thank you very much for supporting the album.

Best wishes,

Tribe Wolf InterNational  (TWIN)

As one friend said to us, between Google AdSense and our music investments  we can start taking seriously the possibility of becoming an international brand. So here we are, this post represents a new step for our project: Comunicacion Viciada International.



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